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The Correct Way To Use My Website

There’s just so much to discuss about technology that my mind is oozing with thoughts about it. So obviously my website is all about technology, all my oozing thoughts about it. I am more than willing to share them with you. You just have to agree to use my website properly.

There is no other topic that we will discuss here but technology. Having said that, you agree that the thoughts you will share here are only those about technology as well.

You may not totally agree with all my oozing thoughts on technology. I don’t mind that at all. But you should not post comments that will offend me or my other visitors. If you don’t agree with what I say here, just leave my website. As I said, I really wouldn’t mind that at all. I know I can’t please everybody.

You can post comments or send me messages provided you do not use foul language. Profanities have no place here on my website. You cannot use my website if your intentions are to hurt, to discriminate, or to insult other people. I trust you fully understand and agree to that.

My articles are all focused on technology. You may find some of them pretty useful. You can share them if you want so long as you send me a message here. You are also free to spread the word about my website. If you enjoy being here, tell your friends about it. Help me build a community of tech fanatics.

As a visitor of my website, you agree to share some of your personal data with me. There will be times when you have share your email address with me. You also agree that your IP address is automatically collected from you the second you access my website. I own whatever data is collected by my website and you totally agree to that as well.

This is how you can properly use my website. I can add or maybe even change some parts of it. So better you go over this page from time to time.

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