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Online Backup Before You Defrag Your Computer (Part 2)

online-backup-before-defragI can’t understand the fascination of most otherwise perfectly normal Windows users with the Defrag option in Windows. It’s reviled as not being powerful enough, it’s credited with all kinds of performance improvements and even suspected of concealing superpowers to fix all kinds of problems.

I don’t understand why. I can’t think of any other community of users who are so obsessed with how ‘fragmented‘ their computer hard disks are. And the problem only seems to be coming to a boil once more with Windows Vista, where Microsoft have taken a few hard decisions in their redesign and update of this operating system background task.

Before you do anything to your computer, I highly suggest that you online backup everything. You’ll never know what can happen when you defrag says the Carbonite online backup solution expert at This is something that I can attest to having had some issues that occurred before. I really recommend online backup because it protects everything on your computer, including your operating system, all the installed software, and all the files that you have created and stored on your computer.

External harddrives are not enough because if some sort of disaster strikes to your home or business, all your files are on premise which does not spare it at all. The best is to have everything stored and backed up in a remote location. Now if you still have not installed any online backup software on your computer, I highly suggest that you use this Carbonite backup offer code from to backup your home computer. This allows you to backup unlimited files. For businesses, use this Carbonite backup for business offer code from, which allows you to backup an unlimited number of business computers.

Now back to the topic of defragging. Obviously by asking your defragger of choice if it considers your hard disk to be fragmented or not. But what if you don’t trust your defragger for some reason? Now most people would go and get a life, but for those of you who are in the grip of Windows disk fragmentation paranoia, this isn’t enough. What you must do instead is purchase several commercial defraggers and use them to test each other.

Then you get very unhappy because you can’t seem to get your disk defragged properly. You run one product and let it do what it wants and when it’s finished you test it with another product, and that finds some fragments, and so you run this second program and test it with the first one and go around in circles until you give up and ask for help. Why? The more cynical people in the audience (or those who use other operating systems and haven’t contracted this paranoia) may be asking themselves just how much of a problem a fragmented hard disk is, and if maybe these products are a prime example of snake oil.

Frankly, I’m not sure that the products are snake oil, but some of the hysteria surrounding the way these utilities are sold to ‘home user’ types does make me wonder. In some special cases, workstation drive fragmentation can be a real issue that needs to be carefully addressed, and servers should have all aspects of drive health checked on a regular basis, but for most home users the built in tools provided by Windows will be more than enough to keep things running well.